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Saturday, September 30, 2023

No Wonder the TOFF Administration Loved This Guy

In 2013, Joseph Roberts was accused of verbal and online sexual harassment and suspended from Savannah State University. He claimed he was suspended from school and "denied due process."

Five years later, he'd go on to share his story with Betsy DeVos, then former President Donald Trump's Secretary of Education, as an advocate for men who were wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct on college campuses.
More than a decade later, Roberts, 42, was arrested on Sept. 7 in a separate incident for the gruesome death of his girlfriend, Rachel Imani Buckner, a recent law school grad whose dismembered body was discovered wrapped in plastic with duct tape along the shore in California's Alameda County.

Member of the Federalist Society, on his local county's GOP central committee, and now denied bail and residing in the county jail, charged with chopping up his girlfriend.


Stewart Dean said...

As yet there is no penalty for chopping up a country and its democracy. Couldn't we maybe allow Texas to secede but politically cleanse the US by extraditing anyone who voted for Trump to Texas?

dan gerene said...

Mr. Dean, it would be better to send them to Florida to be with their Fearless Leader and they can then drain the swamps with soda straws, plastic of course. But then the Gators would be walking around carrying protest signs. not because of the swamp draining but the people coming in are lowering the property value of their home.

seafury said...

The MAGAT's would say "Is that all you got? suck it libby's. Let me also add that he'll probably be in the second or 3rd tier of patriots released after the preznident returns to office. After all, he was treated pretty viciously and unceremoniously.