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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Don't Tell Me That Revolvers Can't Malfunction

I shot an extended match the other day. I tried to shoot a Model 686, which kept jamming up with both lower-powered .357s and with classic .38s. On one stage, I went through a lot of speedloaders and spent the scoring time retrieving live rounds. The two stages where I tried to shoot the 686 were so screwed up that the only reason I didn't place dead last was that a couple guys got DQ'd.

Fortunately, I brought a backup gun: A Model 66. Which ran fine.

A serious SME told me that the L-frames were designed with a lot tighter tolerances than the K-frames. He went over my gun to ensure that every speck of carbon was removed, but the gun still malfunctioned. I'll go over it again, but if I can't get it to function, it'll go to a gunsmith.


Dark Avenger said...

Fun bang tools can be unreliable? I thought that sacred objects weren’t suppose to malfunction.

Tam said...

"A serious SME told me that the L-frames were designed with a lot tighter tolerances than the K-frames."

Uh, okay. LOL.