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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Republicans Love to Make Cracks About "Pedo Dems", but They Consistently Ignore Their Own Pedophiles

A formerly well-connected Republican donor was convicted on Friday of enticing teenage girls with gifts, cash and money in exchange for sex.

A federal jury found Anton “Tony” Lazzaro, 32, guilty of seven counts involving “commercial sex acts” with five girls aged 15 and 16 in 2020, when he was 30 years old.

The charges carry mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years with a maximum of life in prison.
His co-defendant, 21-year-old Gisela Castro Medina, who formerly led the University of St Thomas’s College Republican chapter, pleaded guilty to two counts last year. She testified against Lazzaro.

Funny thing, isn't it? Republicans love bleting about voter fraud and child trafficking and grooming, but when the gavel comes crashing down, it seems to be mostly Republicans who end up being convicted for those offenses.


Stewart Dean said...

But it's classic accuse the Other of that which inhabits your own darkness, that which you most dread being revealed to the light, the darkness that drives you to unspeakable acts and the betrayal of yourself and everything you purport to stand for.

IMHO, this all goes back to Nixon, his Southern Strategy and Watergate. The Right sees itself as the standard bearers of principle, morality and religion, that what they are doing must be right (because they are right) and that the Left must be both wrong and evil....ever since Nixon, they've been looking to get the goods on the Left (for the wrong they feel must be there). The further they've gone done that road, the harder it is for them to face up to the horror they've become

I say all this not so much with any zeal of my own, but with profound regret. A sane contributing, compromising Right with substantive principle and vision is essential to the good governance and future of America. It does not now exist, either in the base or its "leadership". The Left can try Trump, but the Right must itself right itself.

Sadness....and a quiet fury.

B said...

That's because the DA's seldom charge Dems. It is true if you bother to look. (Which you won't because it doesn't fit your worldview)

We are, after all, still waiting for the FBI to release the Epstein client list.....
I hope Lazarro spends quality time in prison.

JustMusing said...

He made big donations to the R party and pictures show him meeting T**** and other mucky-mucks.

Of course T**** met him. Sleaze attracts sleazier.

DTWND said...

Tis better to remain quiet and let people think you're a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. - Mark Twain

Some people just don't get it.


Ten Bears said...

Database of over eight hundred Republican pedophiles

DKos has a list of over a thousand ...

Grung_e_Gene said...

As people have pointed out it's projection. Big IMAX sized projection. Dennis Hastert was the damn Speaker of the House. The only person Traitor Trump has only spent more time in bed with than his daughter is Vlad Putin.

Eck! said...

So it being said that red state DAs do not touch Dems but the pedo rethugs are a target... really! More wattabout noise.

Just another empty vessel making a loud gong when struck.


CenterPuke88 said...

B., too bad your boy was investigated and charged by the District of Minnesota under Erica MacDonald, appointed by Donald Trump. She was in office for all that activity, the final trial was under the new Democratic prosecutor, but handled by non-political staff.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

The boy who cried wolf as it were

dan gerene said...

With Republicants an accusation of others seems to be actually a confession of their own guilt. As far as not prosecuting Democrats to paraphrase Willie Sutton, a question why do they prosecute mostly Republicans for sexual crimes "because that's where the crimes are".

Ten Bears said...

Republican Megadonor Guilty Of Sex Trafficking Underage Girls

BadTux said...

Chris Hansen's "To Catch a Predator" caught everything from salesmen to a local Republican prosecutor. You know what they never caught? A drag queen or trans person (they're two different things btw). There are predators out there, but they're more likely to be a youth pastor than whoever Republicans are trying to accuse of being a pedophile.

As for the notion that law-and-order Republican prosecutors in the Deep South somehow preferentially charge Republicans rather than Democrats, ROFL LOL LOL LOL. Some people are either gullible or are trying to snow us by flying such BS.