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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Jabber, Jabber, Rar, Rar

One thing to keep in mind, as the various talking heads and Trumpy apologists run their mouth on the news shows this morning: They don't know shit about what's in the indictment. Two dozen charges, thirty charges, one felony, five felonies, they don't know shit.

Nobody does. I don't. You don't. The indictment is sealed and will be until the alleged perp is processed on Tuesday.

That sleazy mouthpiece of Trump's who is all over the various shows is really only talking to one person: Trump. Judges are not impressed or intimidated by lawyers, appearing on TV. Neither are prosecutors. Trump wants him on TV and so he is.

Maybe he was smart enough to get paid up front, for Trump has a well-earned reputation for stiffing his lawyers. Not my problem, though.


dan gerene said...

After reading as much as one can stomach of Trump's defenders at least one commenter made the most sense. The commenter asked why all the noise that it isn't right or it's all politics or a witch hunt to stop him from running (his grift) and yet there is almost no one defending his actual innocence.

Ten Bears said...

No one is claiming it is innocent, the claim is it is above the law.

Yes, it ...

Comrade Misfit said...

It is indeed worthy of note that the only person claiming that Trump is innocent is Trump.

seafury said...

Pretty sure all these lawyers realize this is pro bono/ I'm guessing trump only charges them a small fee for representing him.

MarkS said...

I have been taking refuge in the views of Adventus ( how little the law gives a wet snap (his words)for the posturings of pundits and politicians before anyone knows what the charges are.FFS,NOT charging would also be political. I understand we will always have some soap opera, but I think non-soap opera should get a little airtime as well.