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-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

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Friday, July 3, 2020

The Serious Seven

The seven places where you're most likely to get the virus: Weddings, funerals, faith-based activities, bars, gyms, house gatherings and other small events.

That's based on some strange concept called "science".



Eck! said...

"These Serious Seven: weddings, funerals, faith-based activities, bars, gyms, house gatherings and other small events."

I will reorder them for those that see no pattern.

go to the gym
hit the bar for the bachelor party
Do wedding in a church with 250 of your friends.

Funeral for the elders from the bug you brought home

Post house party as if you haven't spread it enough
or haven't caught it yet.

Then go to some small event like a Drumpf rally.

Then karma happens.

You wonder why I want you to to wear a mask?


Stewart Dean said...

Awwww, you given away the secret "s" word. Now everybody will know.

MarkS said...

In my 22 year commercial fishing career I once got pneumonia. I have never been that sick and would bend heaven and earth to avoid a repeat.The minute I heard that this had a pneumonia component I (& my family locked down). Fortunately, we live in RI, a state that took it seriously, & if we're careful , we may have seen the worst of it. What I'm hearing from my friends in Texas leads me to believe that this will be with us forever, even with a vaccine. How did we make it to the top of the food chain, anyway?

Tod Germanica said...

Nobody knows but I'm guessing high human co2 induced climate change. They can't figure out why the ancient Romans went so long with so few epidemics and pandemics either since the Greeks were devastated by plagues earlier. Until they hit the late Roman empire too. Or why the 1918 flu killed so many. And, yes, its still with us despite vaccines. So we may have to live and die with this one too even with vaccines. Guess hugs and handshakes and sex have gone the way of wearing onions around the waist, as was the style in those days.

MarkS said...

Tod Germanica
You're right. My comment was rhetorical, But Jesus , do we have to screw up Everything

0_0 said...

Yeah. I know. We had to blow off my aunt's funeral already.

But, fast or slow, the virus is going around. Few can stay home 24/7. Most of us are out and about with "essential" jobs, observing distancing and wearing masks as much as practicable when sweating and breathing hard on multiple person tasks.

I do take the pandemic seriously, but it is more something that has to be coped with than someting to overreact to.

Ten Bears said...

"Learn to live with it." I said something to that effect in early April. As likely to have thawed out of the thawing tundra, or Tibetan glaciers, as vector from bat to undercooked dog to human, or a bioweaons lab in Cincinnati, Tel Aviv or the Wuhan province.

I don't think this is the bug that's gonna' wipe us out...