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Friday, July 10, 2020

Rich Guys With Guns, Keep a Lid On it

GPS directions led Chris Ochoa to the wrong home while looking for a wedding rehearsal, prompting the homeowner to chase him down in a truck, cut him off and allegedly point a gun to his head, according to law enforcement records obtained by 9Wants to Know.
In the Douglas County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) incident report, Ochoa told deputies homeowner Paul Favret chased him down in a truck and yelled, “I want to blow your f*****g head off.”

Ochoa told deputies Favret didn’t listen to his apology but continued to act in an aggressive manner while waving the gun around.
In the incident report, Favret initially denied to a responding deputy that he pulled out his gun when confronting Ochoa. He changed his story when the sheriff's deputy showed him the photos taken by Ochoa’s girlfriend. Favret told the deputy he didn’t remember that part of the incident. According to the report, Favret told officers he was on pain medication.
Nice way to talk one's self into DWI charges, on top of kidnapping and whatnot.

Waving a gun at people, especially after they've driven off and are on a street (you can see the stop sign on a cross-street) is pretty much illegal everywhere.

Obstruction of justice charges may also be in the works, if the DA wants to play hardball:
Ochoa said he initially wanted to press charges, but was told not to do so by the owner of the home where the wedding was being held.

"I was in disbelief that she put me in the position of choosing between ruining my best friend's wedding or doing what is right," he wrote.
And while you're at it, rich guys, why don't you at least invest in something other than a Taurus POS and some training in the legality of pointing your heater at other people? This particular asswipe was explaining his actions because of illegal elk-hunters on his land; so he's going to go up against guys with 7mm Magnums and similar rifles with a 9mm or .380 cheap-jack semiautomatic? And who the hell goes elk-hunting in the back country with a sedan, let alone driving up to the house on the property?



w3ski said...

A regular Fox viewer I presume. Something had him all riled up, to begin with.
Maybe he ought to try Decaf and switch TV stations, just a saying.

dinthebeast said...

So it would seem that the cops have confiscated Mark McCloskey's AR-15. Some things are OK to have, but not OK to wave around in other people's faces.

-Doug in Sugar Pine