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"We have it totally under control. It's one person coming from China. It's going to be just fine." -- Donald Trump, 1/22/2020

“We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here..and isn't it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama."
-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

"I don't take responsibility for anything." --Donald Trump, 3/13/20

"If Something Seems To Be Too Good To Be True, It's Best To Shoot It, Just In Case." -- Fiona Glenanne

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Look, You COVID Dumbasses, Smarten Up

  • Most of the stores have arrows on the aisles to indicate which way you are to go, in order to promote social distancing. If you don't know how that works and you drive, you don't know how one-way streets (or the Interstate highways) work. Please surrender your drivers license.
  • Wearing a face mask and not pulling it up over your nose is like poking pinholes in a condom before using it.
  • Listening to Republicans on matters related to measures to combat the pandemic runs the risk of killing you and your loved ones. They don't give a fuck about science or epidemiology; they only care about ideology.
Republicans are deliberately ignoring the reality that COVID-19 is a new disease (that's why it's called "the novel corona virus"). It's not like measles, which has been studied for decades. This is new shit, which means that our understanding of the virus and what measures to take to fight it will change over time. The GOP is either too stupid or too afraid of their Idiot-in-Chief to understand that.

Possibly the dumbest governor in the country, Brian Kemp of Georgia, is a walking example of that. He only realized that the coronavirus was being transmitted by those without symptoms months after that information was known. Now, with more and more evidence that the virus is being spread by airborne transmission, Kemp is denying mayors in Georgia the power to mandate wearing masks.

Maybe Kemp should make speed limits, stop signs, traffic signals and driving on the right side of the road advisory only. Surely Georgians are smart enough to know that it's not a good idea to blow through traffic lights or drive at 120MPH through a residential area, so why do they need laws to tell them that? Think of all of the money they could save on traffic enforcement! It's in the Ten Commandments that murder and theft are wrong, everyone should know that such acts are wrong, so why do we need laws against murdering and stealing?

This all lands on Trump, but not only on him. Whenever he sees an opportunity to divide Americans, whenever he sees a chance to start another political fight, he takes it. In that regard, he has only been following the playbook of OxyBoy and the rest of the American version of radio Rwanda, going all the way back to Hitler's favorite priest in the 1930s-- Spew hatred of "those people" at every possible opportunity.

But you want to pretend that COVID-19 is a hoax, that you don't need to wear a mask, that the virus will magically go away, then you, like Trump, have surrendered to the virus.

There will be lots of contenders for the Darwin Awards from this. Like this kid. And these people.


Ed Baptist said...

Those are the mental examples of people’s misbehavior that I’ve been using for months to describe what goes on with some people.

Glen Filthie said...


Most of this Covid crusade is about Orange Man Bad. Comrade, I don’t care if you guys shut your own states down and put your own people out of work and ruin their economic futures. Nor do I care if you burn yourselves down and drive out your producers based on fake grievances - that’s on you, not on Blumpf. I see the whole thing as a ridiculous over reaction and I’m not having any of it. Other than the efforts to politically weaponize it, it’s just the flu and I’m not worried about it.

Comrade Misfit said...

Have you signed a waiver of medical attention?

Eck! said...

Not busted.

You guys up there can't even cross the provincial boarders without
having to sit in quarantine for two weeks. The economy is sorta grinding
along up there save for the big cities are not so well. From all I speak
to and know up there its a problem and they are dealing too.

The problem is borders are porous and stuff wanders across like covid.

Your fake! Your running a cancel and its on you. IF it wasn't why call
the orange idiot blumpf. as to your outrage its fake.

Drumpf has only one interest, starting fires and blaming the other guy.
Anything that gets him back in office is fine by him save for he is such
a dunce he can't do that right. The only reason he gets away with anything
is he has Moscow mitch by the udders. But its not fake.


w3ski said...

I know it's not "nice" of me, but I truly wish that each and every Virus Denier would go wet kiss someone that has it.
If it's a hoax, it's a deadly hoax with 130,000 plus dead Americans to validate it.
I am fed up with "want to be patriots" that deny those 130,000 their due respect.
People got all upset over 3,000 dead Americans on 9/11, but 130,000 mean nothing?
These are American lives, snuffed out because our Government couldn't do anything right to protect them. Not even acknowledge it as a deadly virus?
I tolerated the deniers at first, but now their complete lack of respect for the dead makes me angry.

Eck! said...

The deniers are at best fools. The harsh reality is everytime we
understand a bit more there is still more to learn.

One idiot did a covid party, his dying words are, "its real".
The various and sundry evangelical chorus where less than
100 go in and 30-40 end up with it and maybe a few die.
One contracted it at 28 years old from work and survived
and is awaiting a lung transplant.

Calling hoax and fake is idiocy at worst and insult to
the dead. Current US number is 140,000 range and its
around 1000/day and climbing again. By Sept 1 the
projection of dead will exceed 200,000 if the death
rate continues.

Right now if you are careful, keep distance, mask, and
wash hands odds are far better than 1:10000 [as much
as 1:70,000] of not getting it. If you don't its more
like 1:400 worse if you in a close to or in urban
areas. You have to work a bit to avoid it.

As to younger not an issue, they are finding not so fast.
If your a smoker, vaper, have asthma, or other minor disease
Covid-19 will will find you an excellent host. If you survive
you may take weeks to months to fully recover or maybe never.
At which you have a preexisting condition and be in a higher
cost bracket for any insurance [Thanks to Drumpf] you might
get. Since they have been finding with the antibody tested
a tenuous maybe 8% acquire any antibody and so far it seems
they are week if any resistance at all. So if you got it
once you really don't want it again. It may have missed
a bullet first time but this virus has a full mag.

A lot of people died learning that.


dinthebeast said...

If we mandated mask wearing, we could have a handle on the spread in eight weeks.
It seems like that would be a good thing to do, if you wanted to get reelected and your poll numbers were in the shitter over the pandemic, but that is apparently too much work for president trust fund baby.
Everything the epidemiologists said would happen is happening right now, but the people (Republicans) who wish it weren't are denying reality and trying to smear the scientists.
From a political standpoint, they know their base will believe them and only them, perhaps until each individual dies of it themselves.
This has been true for a while, as evidenced by the rural Republicans who have been dying by the thousands all the while opposing the Medicaid expansion.
I'm trying hard not to come to the conclusion that many of them are simply too stupid to live and would die without our intervention, but they are making that difficult, to say the least.
Covid has been detected in our county's wastewater, so the virus has definitely made it up into these hills.
Failing to take it seriously means you will probably get it, and it is hella ugly.
Some people are still incapacitated from it three and four months after contracting it, and there are still questions about permanent damage.
This is nothing to fuck around with.
The men who are downplaying its severity are straight up evil.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

Notice how much louder, more hysterical, more desperate those kind get when they got nothin'?

Dark Avenger said...

TB, as Sam Spade pointed out in The Maltese Falcon, “The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter.”

DTWND said...

"You can't make me," they say.
Do you smoke inside buildings? No.
Do you wear a seatbelt? Yes.
Do you stop at red lights and stop signs? Yes.

Why? Because the government makes laws for public safety and because decent people in civilized societies show respect and care for fellow human beings even if it is not the law.

"You can't make me" is the response a young child having a tantrum makes to their parents who are trying to teach them to be responsible, good, caring people.

Citizenship carries both rights and responsibilities. Wear a mask.

Susan Richards of Syvania, OH in her letter to the editor.

She makes a good point.