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Sunday, July 12, 2020

It Is to Laugh; Conservatives and Free Speech

I get a real laugh out of conservatives, like Senator and alleged insider-trader Kelly Loeffler, complaining about "cancel culture". They are about the most reekingly hypocritical posturers on that as there can be.

Conservatives have been big on censoring books, movies and anything else that offends their senses of self. If a TV personality expresses an opinion that offends them, they demand that that person be removed from the show and the show canceled. If a college professor says or writes anything that discomforts them, they demand that the professor be fired and, if tenured, that tenure be revoked.

If you want a single person that personifies that in action, I give you Colin Kapernick. Conservatives, right up to our fake president, demanded and got him out of the NFL after he dared to take a stand against police brutality.

So when the Slavery-Sympathetic Right yammers on about "cancel culture" when it comes to police brutality and symbols of Their Hollowed 19th Century Traitors, they can blow it out of their asses.


Eck! said...

You not allowed to think thoughts that are unsanctioned.
You not allowed to speak thoughts that are unsanctioned.

Regardless of side they other will not agree because its not
sanctioned. If they do agree it is also not sanctioned.

The above is fake news, hoax, satire.

Rinse, lather, repeat.


Glen Filthie said...

All cultures moderate and censor, Comrade. In the case of the paleoconservatives most of it was aimed at protecting their people, their culture and the public good- whereas neoliberal censorship is clearly aimed at undermining it. Regardless, free speech will always exist, the only thing that will change is where you find it. The real discussion of the issues will be found on Alt Tech and increasingly popular objective blogs and podcasts. Nowadays only the very stupid and the very elderly are relying on the mass media for their information.

Watching the Kapernick debacle will be a fascinating study. Modern conservatives see Colin as a race whore more than a police brutality activist. Further, most tune in to football to escape the ridiculous politics and contentious issues of the day. Disgusted with the social justice nags and scolds, the dissident right has unplugged en masse, and already ESPN is noting diving ratings. More cable cutters are sure to follow. All will resent the Left's incursion into an otherwise healthy and wholesome sport.

Fun times are ahead.

Pete said...

Actually, the NFL TV ratings have been trending up the last two seasons after a minor valley in 2016 and 2017. Here's the last five seasons average per game viewership: 2015--18.1 million (all-time high), 2016--16.5 million, 2017--15 million, 2018--15.8 million, and 2019--16.5. (https://www.boston.com/sports/new-england-patriots/2020/01/04/nfl-tv-ratings-playoffs-patriots)

And politics and Kapernick were not the only issues contributing to the dip. Remember that CTE became a big issue during this time.


Pete said...

Oh yeah, the upward trend includes ESPN. They were up 5% last year for their Monday night game.


CenterPuke88 said...

Ah, so Glenda once again appears to whore white supremacy as mainstream and normal while trying to argue that the alternative social media streams that wallow in it are genuine “free speech”. Lots of “they” and “them”, very little acceptance that the “culture” being “defended” is stuff like statues erected with the specific intent of defending the Confederacy while denying the indisputable fact that the U.S. Civil War was about slavery.

Go back to watching reruns of Red Dawn and letting the hatred keep you warm. One day you’ll notice that they chose to make the enemy you see the Cuban’s because they have brown skin...

Glen Filthie said...

I despise and reject race and victim politics out hand, Puke, and suppose that I could try and educate you on the difference between racism and race realism... but see no point in it. If some idiot wants to think wealthy black athletes are oppressed, and violent black thugs are victims...there is little point in it.

I see that Minnesota just asked for bailouts after their peaceful and vibrant protestors torched and looted their own cities, and Trump told them to go pound sand. 😊👍

CenterPuke88 said...

“...wealthy black athletes (aren’t) oppressed...”, hummm, well, several have been just recently, specifically by police or neighbors, that’s your first fail.

“...violent black thugs”, copying Donnie’s talking points, eh? For someone “...reject(ing) race politics...”, that’s another fail.

Donnie’s saving his support for his criminal associates.

dinthebeast said...

Cancel culture? You know who got cancelled? Shirley Sherrod. The Dixie Chicks.
Cancel culture is just a pejorative name they have given for people being fed up with their offensive bullshit.
You definitely have the right to say pretty much whatever you want.
What you don't have is the right to get anyone to listen to whatever vicious drivel (to quote Molly Ivins) you happen to be spewing on any given day.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Midwest Chick said...

Apologies in advance for the below off topic comment to Centerpuke

I noticed that you have, more than once, referred to Glenn Fithie as Glenda, So I am wondering if you are actually a misogynist and feel that women are lesser since you are feminizing a person’s name and are using that version to show derision and/ or as an insult? You are seeking to demean and your methodology says a lot about you. You should have left behind the use of elementary school insults a long time ago.

Midwest Chick

CenterPuke88 said...

Midwestern Chick, I would agree with what you said 100% except for a little bit of detail that you may be missing. Glen’s open sewer of a blog is an running assault on women and minorities, and started with his diatribe against his daughter for having the gall to be a lesbian in a relationship and his subsequent rejection of her. After reading that and a number of other things that GF posts, it became clear that to him, that would be an insult of the highest level. If, as it appears, you (and others) feel I am engaging in using it in a different way, I will simply retire the practice and resume something along the lines of the Canadian Cretin, and offer you my apologies.

Tod Germanica said...

"Healthy and wholesome sport..."?

Sir or Madam
Are you joking? The one dumbass in all North America who's never heard the word 'concussion'. The mind boggles. Foreign person, the dads and moms these days won't sign the coach's waiver forms. Who knows why they don't want brain trauma for their kid's. Probably just to make trump look bad.
Unfixable problem. Doomed sport.

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, point made. Now, please, knock it off.

CenterPuke88 said...

Aye, aye, Captain! The Richard looks to be a mess.

Deadstick said...

CP88, I thought the "Glen/Glenda" remark was a reference to one of the titanically bad movies of Ed Wood.

0_0 said...

Colin Kaepernick got his own stupid ass out of the NFL.
After ending up behind Blaine Gabbert on the 49ers, he opted out of his contract. The team did not cut him. He could've been in the NFL for longer, but if his contract had expired before he had addressed his progression faults that Trent Dilfer put on blast, he'd still be out today.
He could have spoken up when he was a star starting QB. He chose to first piss people off, then try explaining. Fuck him and his inflammatory, self centered bullshit.

And I was happy when SF drafted him after she showed Boise State was average.

Dark Avenger said...

All lives splatter.