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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tools Standing Around

It seems that the TSA is figuring out more ways to annoy people. Now there's an "agent" sitting at the entrance to the maze, who wants a glance at your boarding pass and ID before you go stand in line to wait to show your ID and boarding pass to the guy at the podium (and before you get to watch your valuables sit unattended at the end of the conveyor because the line for the Rapie-scanner is backed up). There's the TSA-trained witchdoctor, who watches the line for people who show signs of being irritated by the TSA.

All of this and for what? Has the TSA actually stopped an attack? Every so often, the TSA will put out a press release about "We're keeping you safe, we confiscated X many guns, Y many knives and Z many other things!" Never do they specify how many of those were from genuine bad guys or from idiots who forgot that they had a Lorcin .380 in their computer bag.

The idiots were clueless, but they weren't out to do harm on an airliner. For if they were, they'd have been prosecuted with many press releases ensuing.

When it comes to wasteful government programs, the DHS is giving the DoD a run for our money.

1 comment:

w3ski said...

"Follow the money" as I have heard. Does the tsa give money to kbr or something like that?
Someone down the line is getting rich(er) and I'd bet it's not the government employees.