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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not Much Changes in the Land of the Free and the Home of Pants-Shitting Bigots

Not at all.

After Nazi Germany initiated World War II by invading Poland, Roosevelt, like many government officials and ordinary Americans, suspected that refugees from German-controlled Europe were potential Axis spies, who would provide intelligence to the enemy and who, if permitted to settle freely in the United States, would serve as a “fifth column” in the event of a German or Japanese invasion.
The racist fear stays the same, only the refugees change.


Deadstick said...

Colorado ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo just posted a Facebook rant against the Guv's principled stand on refugees. Want to feel a chill? Check out this recent picture of him:


Anonymous said...

You Obama Clinton supporters who are ok with OC making this mess should pay the support of the Syrian "refugees" especially the single men of fighting age who won't get work because they don't speak English.

Comrade Misfit said...

Anon 5:30, you Bush/Cheney supporters should pay for it because this mess traces directly back to their waging war on Iraq for no goddamned good reason.

CenterPuke88 said...

So let's have a bit of fun, here are some annotated arguments:

1) Reject all refugees...we've seen how that "worked" in the past and there is that little line about "huddled masses" on the Statue of Liberty. Of course, that was placed where European refugees could see it, eh? Reject them because the FBI wouldn't be able to weed out the possible terrorists?

2) Reject all but Christian refugees from Syria. OK, and we put the same FBI (who, under #1 above, you argued was incapable of detecting possible terrorists) in charge of determining who is a Christian...yea, good luck with that...and maybe you could be consistent. As a side note, people living in mixed Religious areas tend to be very good at imitating other religions besides their own, for self preservation.

3) We can't take refugees because they will just live on Government subsidies. Problem, sponsored refugees are ineligible for Government assistance and their sponsors are legally responsible for their needs.

4) We can't trust the sponsored refugees. Problem, the sponsor is held to a high standard on reporting anything from minor infractions to disappearance.

5) But the refugees might come to the US and then make a bomb or buy a gun to attack us. So here, the same people who argue against universal background checks, complain that guns (and explosives/components) are too readily available. Really, really?

6) And from my Senator, my favorite...no "meaningful risk" that Christians will commit terrorist acts. Tell that to the relatives of Dr. George Tiller or Dr. John Britton. Tell that to those hurt in Atlanta, at all the Clinics that have been bombed, to the parents of Baylee Almon, Senator Cruz!

dinthebeast said...

There was also that little "indigenous populations of north, central, and south America" thingie...

-Doug in Oakland