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Friday, November 13, 2015


Commentary will largely be withheld until the dust settles and the casualties counted.

But if there was ever a bad time to be a refugee heading for the West, this may be the worst in several decades.
"The Euros have a proven zero-to-jackboots time lower than just about anybody on the planet. The migrant muzzies might want to think about what happens when they get Hans and Pierre feeling good and scared and backed into a corner."
Other than the Americans, there aren't many nations capable of projecting military force at a considerable distance beyond their own borders. The terrorists have, in the last two weeks, seriously pissed off two of them. And one of them has a track record of exacting bloody vengeance.


Deadstick said...


CenterPuke88 said...

Bets on one willing to go further...I wouldn't immediately chose the Russkies, the French have some nasty history when they want to get down and dirty.

Deadstick said...

The media would be smart to look around Marseille and see if the Legion Etrangere is gearing up...

Tam said...

The Frogs historically do not go to the UN, hat in hand, and ask "Mother, may I?" When they decide it's time to saddle up and bust caps, they just go do it.