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Monday, November 2, 2015

Radio Beijing's North American Puppets

Fifteen stations in the U.S. and one in Canada are essentially broadcasting Chinese government propaganda. They use interlocking and shell companies to disguise the reality that they are controlled by the Chinese government. Nor has anyone involvled registered as an agent of a foreign government.

WCRW- D.C., WNWR- Philly, WILD- Boston, WJTP- Atlanta, KTXV- Dallas, KYND- Houston, KULF- Houston, KGBC- Galveston, KADD- Vegas, KDYL- Salt Lake, KXPD- Portland, KUPA- Honolulu, KWRM- LA, KCFJ/KCNO- Alturas, KSFN- San Fran', and CHMB- Vancouver.

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Dark Avenger said...

I found this interesting:



Arbitron did NOT receive a Fall 2015 SIP from this station. Please note, we may have received an update letter. The information listed below is based on the most recent contact with the station.

Call Letter: KSFN-AM
Frequency: 1510
Station Name:
Format: World Ethnic
Network(s): IND
City of License: PIEDMONT/SAN FRAN
County of License: Alameda West
Mailing Address: 212 26TH ST STE 259
Phone: 415-744-1510
Fax: 415-495-1510
URL Address: www.kpig.com
Broadcasts in HD:
Internet Streams:
Fall 2015 Reminder:
You no longer need to submit program information to Arbitron.

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I'll contact one of my friends tomorrow who has some knowledge of broadcast law and the like. More later on.