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Friday, November 27, 2015

Texas Question

Why do they call it "the Panhandle"?

It looks more like a smokestack or a bell tower. Florida and Oklahoma have parts that look like panhandles, but not Texas.

It's a weird state.


Stewart Dean said...

nonono...Texas is just fine and normal, it's the of the country is weird. Texas is right-sized, right-cultured. :)

CenterPuke88 said...

You got no real idea how weird! The Texas Parks and Wildlife website suggests (in an "educational" posting) that it is call that because it narrowly juts starkly out from the rest of the state. That's a different definition of narrow than I'm familiar with. The Oklahoma panhandle makes sense...maybe Texas wanted one so they wouldn't feel left out? On the other front, Texas is a complete f'n cultural mess, as a look at the voting patterns shows. Just wait till the ruling on designing districts based upon voters, and not residents, come out...then you'll hear real screams either way.

Texas, free and proud...but a little to free to let those dusky refugees come here, they'd be able to buy guns too!

Joe said...

I figure "The Panhandle" is a region that isn't confined to state boundaries. The part south of the state line is the Texas Panhandle. The flaw with this is that it implies there's a Kansas Panhandle, too, but maybe Kansans are more self-conscious about saying silly things.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Panhandle. KS just has western KS (lived there for several years), and the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles have been called that for at least a hundred years. The OK version was originally "No Man's Land" because it was not part of KS, couldn't be part of TX (Missouri Compromise line) and Indian Territory didn't have much use for it.

The western sticky-outy bit of the state is the Trans-Pecos, and "North Texas" was already taken, so Panhandle it is.


CenterPuke88 said...

Most people in the rest of Texas consider it "BFE", or "Bum F**k Egypt"... Which may explain why Terry County Airport (KBFE), located in the weird triangle they claim is part of the Texas "Panhandle", has an identifier that makes all Air Traffic Controllers smirk. I always wondered, if happiness is Lubbock in the rear view mirror, what is Amarillo in the rear view mirror?

Cowpoc said...

Amarillo in the rearview is mostly empty and windy, and for best performance your stomach and your fuel best be full.

CenterPuke88 said...

So it's kinda like Trump?