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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Worst Person in the World (Martin Shkreli) Is Also a Fucking Liar

You might remember him, he's the weasel who raised the price of an old drug from $13.50 a pop to $750. When the shit hit the fan over that, he promised that his company would lower the price, soon, any day, you betcha, and provide some free samples to hospitals.

Well, cynical observers, such as Your Humble Blogger, were skeptical.

And guess what, Gentle Readers? We were right.
Controversial pharmaceutical boss Martin Shkreli has has decided he’s not going to lower the price of his HIV medication after all.

Shkreli’s company Turing Pharmaceuticals announced on Wednesday that it would provide volume discounts of its drug Daraprim to hospitals, but it appears that the company’s $750-a-pill price tag still stands
Psychopaths like Shkreli never change. He never had any intention of honoring his word. All he was doing was stalling for time.

Here's hoping that the Federal prosecutors speed things up and finally send this clown for an enforced vacation. Bernie Madoff might like a new cellmate.

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