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Saturday, November 28, 2015

War on Terror Was Never About Terror

Borepatch has pointed out that the French government is using the excuse of the Paris attacks to quash dissent in general.

I almost want to say "like this is news"? The last group of clowns in office tried to establish an American Stasi. The last president thought it was peachy to torture anyone he chooses. The current one eschews torture, but loves killing people.

I've written for years about the Patriot Act and the erosion of freedom in this land. There's probably more there than you will ever care to read.

Sadly, it seems that as long as the attention of the cops is directed at those people, whomsoever that may be, most Americans are just fine with sacrificing their freedoms and liberties for a fig-leaf promise of security. One political party may nominate an outright fascist as its candidate next year.

But it doesn't seem to matter, really. A candidate might promise to bring about smaller government or even follow the Constitution, but as soon as they walk into the Oval Office, they turn into Smeagol.

Our country has been corrupted into a police state. Most people are fine with that, it seems.

So we might as well elect The Donald and get it over with.

Freedom: 1775-2016. She had a pretty good run, for awhile, but she got sick in 1971 and became terminally ill in 2001.

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Cirze said...

Great insight.

However, not Sméagol.