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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Frothy Must be Frothing

I can't imagine, right now, how frustrated Rick Santorum must feel. For decades, Republicans have operated on an informal basis of whoever comes in second gets to run the next time around. Reagan lost to Ford, Bush lost to Reagan, Dole lost to Bush I, Buchanan lost to Dole. For reasons I've forgotten, Buchanan dropped out early for `00. McCain then lost to Bush II, Romney lost to McCain and Santorum lost to Romney. By that history, it's Santorum's turn.

But right now, Santorum is polling just ahead of syphilis and is tied with Miss Lindsey. Even Romney's dog could poll higher.

Meanwhile, the GOP elites are in full-panic mode, for they're now saying, in public, that The Donald is a fascist. Which is arguably true, but don't expect that to dent the allure of the Manhattan Mussolini to the base of the GOP. They're convinced that even if Trump brings full-on totalitarian police state to be, that Trump will only go after those people.

This campaign is plumbing the depths of ugly long before the first vote will be cast.


Joe said...

For the record, Pat Buchanan saw an opportunity to make a lot more money out of the Reform Party in 2000.

Comrade Misfit said...

It is all about the grift for many of the members of the Right Wing Noise Machine. Gruppenfuhrer Buchanan has made a good living from getting as close to the neo-nazi line as he can without stepping over it.