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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday


The newspaper yesterday was thicker than a typical Sunday edition, crammed with sales flyers. I have no intention of going anywhere near a shopping center until my Sunday grocery run. I think it was last year that there was a fistfight at the local Walmart on Black Friday morning.

I can understand why the Puritans* banned the Christmas celebration, since then as now, it has more to do with commerce and partying than anything religious. The celebration of Christmas is more a continuation of Saturnalia.

Without the sales of the Christmas season, it's probably fair to say that a good number of retail establishments would shutter for good. So Tom Lehrer's song, which started out nearly sixty years ago as satire, is now possibly the most honest Christmas sone you'll hear.
* They were pretty much the Christian equivalent of ISIS, back in their day.

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w3ski said...

I heard one of Tom Lehrer's works : "don't drink the water and don't breath the air", back in my youth. I can't remember who would have played it for me, but it really stuck in my mind ever since.
Quite a guy especially for back then.
Thank You