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Saturday, November 28, 2015

But He Was Going to Turn His Life Around, Any Day Now!

Yes, and he was trying out for the choir, too!
Authorities say a man trying to rob a couple who thought they were going to buy a car off Craigslist has been shot and killed.

Aiken County deputies said in a news release that officers are looking for the second robber after he ran away following the shooting Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators say the would-be robbers pulled out a gun and demanded money when they met the couple at an Aiken gas station where they planned to buy a car listed on the Internet site.

Deputies say while the gun was pointed at the man, his girlfriend pulled her own weapon and shot at the robbers.
No doubt that the dead crook will be counted by the Bloombergers as "another senseless gun death."


CenterPuke88 said...

Best thing around here in a while was some local police departments providing a couple of spaces in their parking lots, with camera coverage, for custody exchanges and selling list transactions. It's not a magic protective shield, but it's a nice move by the cops, doesn't cost anything extra, and makes these crimes a little less likely.

Joe said...

"a little less likely" - ha! I imagine Texas has a certain irreducible core of people who think a police-station parking lot is a good place for a robbery.

Seriously, though, that's a brilliant idea. Get some use out of all those sunk costs for cameras and recording equipment.