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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who Will Win On Tuesday?
My Answer Will Surprise You

The winner of the elections on Tuesday will be:

The People's Republic of China.

Regardless of how the election shakes out, whether the GOP takes both houses of Congress, one of them or none of them, this country is going to spend the next two years with the two parties in Congress locked at each other's throats.

I pretty much blame the GOP here. Mitch McConnell and Jim DeMint have made no secret of the fact that all they are interested in doing is destroying the Obama presidency.

They are not truly interested in fixing the Federal budget. In fact, they are interested in quite the opposite in their desire to make the ruinous Bush tax cuts permanent.

They are not interested in taking steps to reduce our dependence on oil, which is the only way to reduce the influence that the kleptocratic oil states have over us.

They are not interested in improving the infrastructure of this country.

They are not interested in improving education.

The only thing they are interested in is crippling the Obama presidency.

Meanwhile, China is becoming the world leader in high-speed rail and alternative energy. Not the United States. We are losing our technological edge, if we haven't lost it already, and all the politicians can do is carp at each other.

It is not the Federal debt that will ruin us. It is our politics.

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