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Monday, October 11, 2010

Shorter Carl Paladino: "I Don't Hate Gays, But They're All Going to Burn in Hell"

Carl Paladino, the Teabagging candidate for governor of New York, got in a little bit of rhetorical gay-bashing yesterday. Like a lot of the party of the Confederacy, he seems to be of the opinion that being gay or straight is just a matter of flicking a mental switch.

He despises gay people, but then he thinks that discrimination against gays is wrong. How does he square that, you might ask. (He doesn't.)

Palladino is a real piece of work. He's used dubious schemes to rip off the taxpayers of New York State to get both grants and property tax rebates. Those schemes have made him a shitload of cash. He's just another Teabagging hypocrite who hates government spending, unless it puts cash into his pocket, then he is fine with it.

1 comment:

Eck! said...

Newspeak, black is white and white is black. He can't lie when doen't know untruth.

Scary critter.