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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Browser Bloat

A long while ago, I once made a little bit of money doing web sites. I'm very much out of touch with that, now, but I still have several browsers on my computer for messing around.

So this is what the program file folder holds for each

Google Chrome 6.0: 677 files, 248 MB.

Firefox 3.6.10: 262 files, 30.4MB

Exploder 8: 38 files, 5.45 MB

OffByOne 3.5: 5 files, 1.5MB

Opera 10.62: 248 files, 23.8MB

Safari 5: 478 files, 40.3MP

SRWare Iron 5.0: 296 files, 47.7MB

I suspect that IE 8 has got files buried elsewhere.

What the hell is up with Google Chrome? 248 MB?

1 comment:

Eck! said...

IE has a lot of the files down in the windows directory as DLLs and other places.

Most stuff on winders uses the DLLs
and it's more about where they park them. So getting a sizing is really not as easy.

The exception is OB1, that one is really that small though limited.
Oddly enough that one has by far the best security mostly because it doesn't do load and go for every file type on earth.

I haven't checked but Chrome has a emulation sandbox to isolate the browser from the outside world. despite it's file size it is fast.