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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is Saying "Congressmen Are Idiots" a Redundancy?

This one congressman has to be the most brain-damaged person from Florida (since Terry Schiavo died).
Six years after Congress passed a law requiring photos on commercial pilots' licenses, a Republican congressman says he is dismayed that Federal Aviation Administration-issued licenses still have only two pictures on them -- those of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Rep. John Mica, R-Florida, said he became aware of the lapse recently when a pilot showed him his license. The plastic license, Mica said, was an improvement over the paper licenses issued before the 2004 law, but "remarkably did not have a photograph" of the pilot, nor other security features.
Pray tell, what increase to security will that bring? Pilots are required to carry photo ID. Besides their driver's license, those pilots who fly international runs have their passports with them. Adding a photo to a pilot's license will add no security, but it will increase administrative costs.

Aren't Republicans like Mica the Moron supposed to be all about reducing the footprint of government?


Cirze said...

Not really.

In fact, they are mainly in charge of increasing the fear and panic in the crowds around them.


Aren't Republicans like Mica the Moron supposed to be all about reducing the footprint of government?

Don Brown said...

Somebody in Mica's district probably has the contract on providing photo ID's just for pilots -- or will have.

If you're in the mood to dig, Google Mica and Harris Corporation. I'm certain you'll run into NATCA along the way. Mica is a real piece of work.

BTW, you've inspired another blog.

Don Brown

Eck! said...

It's always most scary when people that are motivated but totally without knowledge are making decisions.