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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Month in a Cub

Some guy flew a Piper Cub from California to New Jersey and back this summer, so that he could fly up and down the Hudson River by New York City. The photos are a wonder to behold.

There is more on his website.


Phil said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures.
Lucky bastard.

Nangleator said...

What a lucky man. I wonder how many trips like this happened after WWII, when people just wanted to enjoy a nice, long flight. Seems improbable now, and only highlighted by this instance.

Eck! said...

Having flown to the Gulf Coast and Oshkosh and a few other places he did the one trip thats still pending. The NY Hudson River VFR corridor. It's still doable.

Love his pictures!


Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

Wow! Just gorgeous.
Thanks for the point out. Someday, I'll do this too.

tom said...

Old Bridge NJ, christ on a crutch, I grew up there
Jersey, the homeland, land of bruce springsteen