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Monday, October 25, 2010

CheepCheepCheepCheepCheepCheepCheep (Car Question)

That is the sound that my car* makes, now, as soon as it starts. The sound is RPM dependent.

But it goes away after a few minutes.

Any ideas?

* `05 Honda Accord, over 80K miles.


CRK said...

water pump or serpentine belt. Water pumps in older Hondas were notoriously crappy

Eck! said...

I'd call loose belt tends to show up when cold.


Allan S said...

Serpentine belt.

Comrade Misfit said...

OK, so what do I do about it?

Chuck Pergiel said...

Replace the belt, unless you have steam coming from the vicinity of the water pump. Replace parts in order of price.
#1 serpentine belt
#2 belt tensioner
#3 water pump &/or alternator
1 & 2 should be fairly easy and inexpensive. After that it gets complicated and/or expensive.

Fixer said...

Replacing the water pump means removing the timing belt. Might as well do that while you're in there. Remember to replace not only the timing belt but the idler and tensioners. If it's a Honda with a balance shaft, make sure the timing mark is DEAD ON for that too when you replace the belt. IF you're doing this yourself, be prepared for the crankshaft bolt giving you a hard time coming out. I generally use a 3/4" drive impact wrench to break it loose.

Joe said...

80,000 miles is about right for replacing the timing belt on a Honda, anyway. It's no longer a $40, 1-hour repair job, but it's well worth doing.

Comrade Misfit said...

Crap. I smell the odor of a bill the size of an AMU.

lisahgolden said...

First thing I thought of was a belt. But that's always my first thought when it comes to car noises.

Anonymous said...

Belt or water pump. Have it replaced. Figure $300 for elective replacement/diagnosis. Now, it can wait, but with catastrophic failure might cost you an engine, and $1500.

It's not that bad. Takes half a day.

squatlo said...

You have a chipmunk ducking the fan blade behind your radiator. Or maybe it's the serpentine belt. Cheaper to check for chipmunks first, though, and then move on to the mechanical stuff.
Poor little guy. Probably been riding around with you for years, figuring you'd end up someplace warm by now.

Comrade Misfit said...

Squatlo, I'm not driving to Fla anytime soon.

Fixer, if I lived on the island, I'd come see you. I'm not doing it. Hell, since one now has to take the wheel well apart to change a frakking headlight bulb, I can't even do that.

Fixer said...

As of Friday, I'm retired. Don't wanna know from anybody's car after that. Heh ...