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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Acceptable Way to Argue If You Are a Brown-Shirted Thug

That would be to knock a woman to the ground and stomp on her head.

Except it wasn't done by a brown-shirted thug from the SA. It was done by goons who support Rand Paul. Because stomping on a woman's head is simply acceptable if you happen to be a Teabagger or a Republican.

And you just have to know that all of the Wingnut blogs think that stomping on people's heads is OK, don't you.


Cirze said...

Thanks for the timely reporting.

I'm linking you on my blog today.


BadTux said...

Apparently, if you are a Republican, a woman's place is either as a sex-exuding strumpet wearing a tiny black dress for them to jack off to, or on the ground with your face being ground into the dirt. No inbetweens, and certainly not one of those "political activists" whose place is prone on the ground learning "her place", I guess.

- Badtux the "Misogyny, anyone?" Penguin

tom said...

I am so freaked by this, it's not like this was 1968 in Alabama, or some Union Busting rally in the 30s...
This kind of behavior crosses every line there is...these folk have lost their minds and have been propelled to this level of crazy by the hate-talkers...
Damn them
I see that it has been reported that the police are looking for this jerk,
Can't wait to see him taken away by the cops..