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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paladino's Non-Apology

Story here and text here.

Note that Paladino, the teabagger who is running for governor of NY, is not taking back anything he said. His defense is that he is a "simple man" (an incredibly wealthy "simple man") who was stupid enough to read a speech prepared for him.

He is sorry because people took offense at what he said.

So let's try this on:
"Hey Carl! I'm sorry that you were offended because I referred to you as a `mouth-breathing moron who likes having sex with goats'. No offense meant. Can we be friends, now?"
Do you think that would fly on a street-corner encounter?

Me neither.


montag said...

I'm sure Carl would take you out in a heartbeat and loudly too, if his handlers were there to protect him from you.

Yogi said...

The point of the whole exercise was to pave the way for the excuse: "Teh Gay bloc is huge and organized and kept me from my destiny! Waaaaaaah! Send more money or THEY will steal your children and make them march in a Gay Pride Parade with GRINDING!!!!"

You know, since he's running 30 points behind Cuomo in likely voters.