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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Security People Are Idiots

The UK variant of our lovable DHS is concerned about a purported aviation security risk posed by an iPhone application.

They need to get a grip on themselves, for this is nothing more than an exercise in advanced pants-wetting.

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that a terrorist has a fairly modern MANPAD missile launcher, like the SA-18. A terrorist isn't going to be sitting in the middle of a cornfield in West Jesus, Iowa and shooting at airliners flying from JFK to LAX.

Those missiles don't go that high.

If the hypothetical terrorist is going to shoot at an airliner, he will have to be within several miles of an airport in good weather, as those missiles must optically lock onto the target before they are launched. Which means that if he wants to shoot at a specific flight, all he needs is an aircraft band receiver tuned into departure control (assuming that he is shooting at departing airplanes because they have more fuel and will burn better on impact). If he's not that particular, all he needs to do is see a large airplane and fire the missile.

Now if the terrorists have managed to smuggle in a longer-ranged missile system, then we have far larger problems than an iPhone app.


1 comment:

offlogic said...

I love this blog! You could even delete the word 'security' from the title.
I'd dearly love to see the statistical breakdown on how many people will not yell "bullshit" in a crowded security theater, broken down by time of exposure.
We're how-many? years into the latest perpetual war,now?
The study seems fungible.