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Friday, October 29, 2010

Is the Tea Party a Party of Parasites?
or "The Stupid! It Burns!"

Since it seems that Teabagger after Teabagger are railing against government programs while they themselves have made free use of government assistance programs, then one has to wonder why their heads aren't exploding from the hypocrisy of it all.

If you're a Teabagger and you are receiving a government pension, then why didn't you instead save for your own retirement? Why are you depending on the government to support you for the rest of your life?

If you're a Teabagger and you are receiving farm subsidies, why don't you grow shit that people really want to eat (or smoke) instead of taking a government handout so you can continue to farm?

It goes on and on, of course.


S O said...

That's a common - and misguided - meme.

Private or private business actions do not need to look similar to the macroeconomic/political opinion and action.

They didn't save privately for retirement? Well, they will answer you that they would, had the state not taxed them that much.

Thy accept subsidies? Well, that's a proper business decision because they as private company do look at subsidy as something without a disadvantage- they pay not more if they accept the subsidy.
Their opinion about subsidies on the macroeconomic level can be at the same time very different - legitimately. At that level you need to take into account the need for taxation.

It#s similar with opposing stimulus money in the senate and then writing letters to funnel more stimulus money into your state. The oppositions is on the macroeconomic level and before it's a done deal that there will be an expenditure. The funneling happens at a time when there cannot be anything done about the costs (more debt) any more and it's all about generating maximum advantage out of the law.

There's enough REAL hypocrisy in the world. This fabricated style of hypocrisy is a waste of time and attention. Many left wing bloggers seem to love it, but it's ultimately only mislead.

montag said...

Teabaggers have never been against what they get from the government, they are against what you people who are different get from the government. And the expect the Free Lunch Faery to pay for what they get.