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Friday, October 8, 2010

A Warning to Anyone Foolish Enough to Buy a Fractional Interest in "Exclusive Jetz"

Not that it's likely that anyone with that much money to burn is reading this blog, but if you do have that kind of cash and you are thinking about buying a "fractional interest" in their Phenom 100 jets, be cautious:

The same guys running "Exclusive Jetz" previously were doing the same thing with a company called "OurPLANE"; they were selling fractional ownerships in Cirrus SR-22s.

OurPLANE went into Chapter 7 liquidation. All of the people who thought they had a fractional ownership in those SR-22s are now just unsecured creditors and they are going to be fucked.

As you may very well be if you are sinking cash into "Exclusive Jetz".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Graham Casson and mike Huffman are criminals, OurPlane robbed from fractional owners, vendors, state tax agencies, employees...millions of dollars, Exclusive Jetz is Graham Casson's latest criminal enterprise....DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM...they belong in prison