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Monday, July 16, 2018

Mountain Rescue

The story is here.

I'm guessing that the unsung hero in this is the crew chief, who served as the pilot's eyes in touching the stern that big helo into to the slope.


B said...

One wonders how they can get that aircraft airborne having to carry those men (and possibly women) with all those huge huevos around.

Skill, and teamwork beat nearly any adversary.

Mark Rossmore said...

When I first saw this a couple days ago, my thoughts were the same: the crew chief gets a lot of credit here. No doubt the airmanship of the pilots was impeccable, but it's the teamwork and communication between them and the crew chief guiding on to the mountain that was the real star of the show.

dinthebeast said...

I once watched a big helo lift a big tree off of a cliffside over a road next to the Klamath river, and that was hairy to say the least, but nothing compared this video.

-Doug in Oakland

Doug T. said...

My fear of heights kicked in. I envisioned sliding down the slope and over the edge. I guess I have an active, and sick, imagination. This is a cool video. Impressive flying too.