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Monday, July 9, 2018

About the Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On; Bangity Ed.

What I got to shoot today:

I shot it with and without the can. It climbed a bit more without the can. I could keep it at two-round bursts. But I can see where a good practice would be to aim at the right-bottom of an enemy's rib case, so the rise walks the impacts across the torso.

It was a hell of a way to quickly turn 200 rounds of ball ammo into noise. I would have shot more, except that it was in the mid-90s out and hotter than a furnace on the range.

I also got to shoot a gun I'd never seen before, a S&W Model 53 in .22 Jet. As I've heard, it has an impressive fireball. Also as I've heard, it is very prone to the cylinder locking up because of setback of the cases. The gun's owner wipes the cartridges down with lighter fluid to ensure that there is no oil whatsoever on them. It still locked up twice in six shots.

Finally, I got to shoot the late Frank James's favorite cartridge, the .41 Magnum. It was accurate and the recoil wasn't at all bad. I can see why he was a fan.


3383 said...

There's an Uzi under there, right?

Comrade Misfit said...

The only changes are a foregrip and the can. The Israelis did issue wood buttstocks.

Mack Culverhouse said...

A combat Uzi and the .41 Magnum?
Yeah, nothing much better than that unless you're nekkied.