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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Right-Wing Political Correctness

U.S. retailer Walmart Inc faced an outcry from supporters of President Donald Trump on Tuesday for listing for sale on its open marketplace clothing with the slogan “Impeach 45,” an apparent reference to Trump, the country’s 45th president.
The Right is always talking about how they love them some freedom of speech, a right that they will slam in your face every time they say something offensive. The Right will then scream how you either can't take a joke or are being politcally correct.

Until, however, it's something that offends them. Then they do the very same shit that they accuse the "SJWs" of doing.



B said...

No, the "SJW"s do death threats, not protests on Twitter and such.

Big difference.

This is called the marketplace at work. Don't piss off half of your customers.

CenterPuke88 said...

Do tell, B. I’d love the reference to the death threatening SJW’s. As for the marketplace at work, funnily enough, that’s what’s happening in the stock market right now...the market is commenting on Donnie’s dumb moves.

The point is actually showing the thinness of the Right-Wing skin, they tout the 1st but can’t stand its exercise against them.

bmq215 said...
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Comrade Misfit said...

Folks, please learn how to embed a link into a comment. It isn't hard to do.

It will also make it more likely that casual readers will open the links that you want them to read.

bearsense said...

The difference between the republicans and a puppy: eventually, the puppy stops whining.

bmq215 said...

Thanks, Comrade. The tags for bold and italics were pretty self-evident but I had no idea what the "a" tag meant. Will definitely be using that in the future.

bmq215 said...

LOL. Lyin' B, at it again.

Because conservatives never, ever, ever, "do" death threats