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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Trump's Toadyism; Another Theory

He may be a Russian asset and he may be a wannabee dictator, but the simplest explanation is that Trump is in hock to the Russians. And not up to his eyebrows, more like 20 feet over his head.
After Trump’s last bankruptcy, so far as press reports indicate, he could no longer borrow money at reasonable rates here in the U.S., and a real estate developer who can’t borrow money is rapidly out of business.

So Trump, as his son Eric tells it, turned away from U.S. banks and went to a number of Russian billionaires for his money. In 2014, when asked directly how he could have acquired $100 million in cash for new golf course acquisitions, Eric Trump famously said, “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

So, if President Putin were to order his own billionaires to get their money back out of Trump’s properties and refuse to give him any more, Trump could well end up broke.

Really broke.

As in, losing all his properties, from Mar-a-Lago to Trump Tower.

It could wipe out all of his remaining businesses.

His kids would have to get real jobs, and no more big-game safaris.

His wife might leave him, and take their son.

He could end up living in a cardboard box on skid row.
A slight quibble: If Trump resigns or loses, he'll get a presidential pension(about $200K/yr), a free office and staff, travel allowance and a SS detail. $200K would mean that he could afford to rent a small apartment in Treason Trump Tower.

If he is impeached and convicted, then he won't get those.

Thing is, Trump may be stupidly arrogant enough to be convicted. Then he'd face the prospect of owing very large sums of money to some people who regard that level of financial default as a capital offense.


Mike Jones said...

They're money laundering operations. The Vory are in this game too.

ac2usn said...

Investigators have much success following the money. The tax returns should show who is being paid interest on the loans. This information could be a major reason why our president refuses to release his tax records



Glenn Kelley said...

The odds are good that It's Putins own money . He's supposedly the richest of them all .

w3ski said...

If they have a Pee Pee tape, the drumpf can always claim Fake News. If they have him by the Bank, then he is totally their asset.
I'd bet that just as Donny jr. blurted out, he is owned by Russia.
Only a Tax Return could tell for sure and he refuses to let us see those.
Kind of a giveaway in that.

Deadstick said...

Just hoping Mueller's report has a deadman switch on it...

3383 said...

Except for details and Junior mouthing off, this isn't news. This has been a problem, and makes me wonder if he has any power as Prez to prevent being bankrupted (or reduced to $0) by foreign nationals. (No, it wouldn't be right.) I doubt there is a pee-pee tape, this is "softer" influence.

Trump isn't getting impeached; being a dumbass isn't an impeachable offense. And I don't know if there is any high crimes or misdemeanors, anyway. He may have benefitted from clumsy Russian meddling (email hack and silly social/ shitposts), but real collusion just hasn't been found.

AC2, the IRS does have his tax returns, and has always had them (e.g., before the election).

AC2usn said...

The point is President Trump refuses to release the tax returns.


Richard Garrett said...

Putin will send him a big bottle of that nice Poison perfume...