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Friday, July 6, 2018

The Trumpist Boot Comes Stamping Down

For a long time, the Army has accepted immigrants on the promise that serving this nation would result in them being fast-tracked to citizenship.

Seems Trump is breaking the deal, to the point of kicking people out of the Army

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to find anyone who made a mistake on their naturalization papers, so they can be kicked out. They claim that they are only going after those who committed fraud, but I submit that you'd have to be seven kinds of a fool to believe that.

we'll also see whether or not this enforcement dragnet catches anyone from Western Europe. I'm guessing the answer will be a negative.


pigpen51 said...


I know that I said I would not comment, but this is just trying to set things right.

B said...

"The new USCIS office in southern California will serve as a centralized location to review and initiate the civil denaturalization process against individuals who had been ordered removed and intentionally used multiple identities in order to defraud the government and the American people to obtain citizenship,"


"Nobody who obtained U.S. citizenship by deliberately assuming a false identity will be surprised to learn they are being referred to the Justice Department for removal proceedings. USCIS screens for deliberate acts of fraud,"

And the kicker:

"It is ultimately up to a judge to determine whether to strip someone of their naturalized citizenship status"

So, lesse: If you used a False Identity, or Multiple Identities, then you get investigated, and then interviewed, and then you get a hearing.

I fail to see the issue. If one commits fraud to gain citizenship, why should you keep it?

Comrade Misfit said...

I don’t believe, for a nanosecond, that under Trump, justice will be blind. I fully expect that his “citizenship integrity“ office, or whatever the hell it is, will concentrate on people he disfavors: Muslims and Hispanics. I’ll bet that they won’t find one Irish guy who lied on his paperwork.

CenterPuke88 said...

Pigpen, the blog post you linked contains accusations and allegations but no meat showing that the Comrade’s suggestion is incorrect. The military is playing games, and the numbers suggest a very particular aim.

B., if the Office was properly constructed and transparently functional, that would be an excellent start. Unfortunately, as recent Federal District and Supreme Court cases have shown, these allegations are often used as a bludgeon against the disfavorred rather than a safety check on the system. A simple missing reference has been enough for people to be pursued in this manner, and as for “fingerprint” evidence, the problem is that they are constantly lowering the standard for a match. Fingerprint ID is already becoming an issue, with State and Federal databases being ignored because of flaws as they move to DNA matching. The creation of yet another Federal enforcement group shouldn’t find favor on the Left or the Right.

dinthebeast said...

They are using the backlog of background checks to issue discharges on the grounds of a failed background check, that was in reality never done, and supplying no documentation or due process for reneging on their part of the contract.
All for a cheap election-year issue because they are scared shitless of losing the midterms.

-Doug in Oakland

pigpen51 said...


I would agree that it is suspicious, save for the low number of discharges we are talking about. It seems that it is only 40 people that we are talking about, while over 70,000 immigrants continue to serve with no problem.

3383 said...

Many of these DEP/ reservists were wanted for their language skills. Which overlaps bigly with Muslims. I bet some in the military intelligence community isn't happy, but they probably weren't consulted.

CenterPuke88 said...

Comrade, just an out of order heads up, Donnie’s violating Federal Law with phone calls not routed through the Situation Room via his personal cell-phone...ain’t no way to tape this back together.

Joseph Mcdermott said...

The Narional Review had an interesting article about the AP article concerning recruit discharges. I dont know how to link but its worth a read.

pigpen51 said...

Joesph, here is that link.