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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bomb-Adjustable Pricing

Regal Entertainment Group is testing demand-based pricing for films, potentially leading to higher prices for top hits and low prices for flops, a big change for an industry that typically uses a one-size-fits-all approach.
“Changes to the historical pricing structure have often been discussed but rarely tested in our industry, and we’re excited to learn even more about how pricing changes impact customer behavior,” Amy Miles, chief executive officer of the Knoxville, Tennessee-based exhibitor, said Tuesday on a call with analysts.
I hope ad pray that when Regal starts their greed-driven plan, that the "customer behavior" is to say "fuck you."

I don't know of too many people who would willingly go see an awful movie because it's cheap. But if they take this to its logical conclusion, then maybe they'll start to pay people to go see lousy movies. It'd be fun to see a box-office in the minus numbers, because the theaters thought they could break even by collecting for the voluminous ads they now run before the movie starts.


Nangleator said...

Theaters will have to start lying about their start times, too. And then not allowing admission after the ads start.

And then they'll have to prohibit cell phones and ear plugs.

Tod Germanica said...

But...but how can you object? This is the very essence of American business. Supply and demand with no government price fixing. It's the invisible fist of the market in action. Soon prices for all goods and services will be rising (but never falling) like a yo-yo. Increased spending opportunity means harder work-and lots more of it. If you don't like free enterprise you must be a communist.
I'd suggest a boycott but those demand unity therefore never work.

3383 said...

Wake up and smell the popcorn, Comrade.

Crap movies will not be cheap.

Hits will be more expensive.

Which is fine with me. Rude audience members whom theaters are afraid to strongly discourage drove me out of the theaters since American Pie. Now I watch on my big screen, enjoy better and more affordable food, and get to see and hear the whole thing.

*Except for the new Star Wars movies. The premieres are my excuse to fly to New York and watch with by brother and nephew.

Comrade Misfit said...

I'd rather do almost anything than have to sit through SW-8. I did miss #7 and I'm not sorry about it. Rogue One was borderline unwatchable, a product of people who were overly impressed with themselves for making a SW movie.


Dark Avenger said...

I have yet to stain my beautiful mind with anything after ROTJ.

Comrade Misfit said...

DA, you probably should have stopped at TESB.

I saw TPM (one of the worst movies ever made) and R1 (at best, mediocre).

3383 said...

I still refuse to call Star Wars (and Star Trek) anything else; no Episode Wotever or acronyms needed.

7 wasn't that bad for me (serious stupid flaws, yes). But, really, it's mostly seeing family that is too far away.

Main point remains- no movie prices will drop, good ones may go up.

Dark Avenger said...

Caesar: Hey man, are you ok?

Huey: A friend of mine back home just died...I never got to say goodbye, you know? I keep wishing he'll come back as a blue ghost, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. There's so much I want to say to him. [sigh] Why can't life be like Star Wars?

Caesar: Well, then Jar-Jar Binks would be real, and there'd be a bunch of Ewoks running around everywhere - nobody wants that.

Huey: A small price to pay if the people you love could come back as blue ghosts.

Dark Avenger said...

As for TESB, I saw it at the Egyptian in Hollywood, and I’ll never forget my stomach flopping as the fliers were dipping up and down in their search for Luke and Han.