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Monday, October 30, 2017

Gobble, Gobble; F-35 Ed.

Around 200 of those expensive turds may be set aside as being either unflyable or not combat-capable. That's about 40 billion dollars worth of unusable airplanes.

Forty billion dollars is equivalent to building 26 brand-new, fully-equipped schools in every state in the U.S. Forty billion would give full-ride college scholarships to over 300,000 kids. Forty billion dollars would rework 32,000 miles of four-lane highway. Forty billion dollars would get a program to rebuild America's bridges off to a good start.

But no. Fort Fumble is blowing forty billion dollars on fighter jets that are not capable of fighting.

Defense procurement is the largest welfare program the U.S. currently has. Or, if you prefer, you can call it a "cargo cult".


Lawrence said...

I've heard of this before, but I don't remember what the problem is. Are they not airworthy? Because if they can fly, trainers, yes. But also aggressor squadrons. And sell some to Oz and whoever else we conned into buying them for same purpose. Yeah, it's the cherry on the sundae for this fucking program. But might as well make the best of it.

Borepatch said...

$40B here, $40B there, sooner or later you're talking real money.

I think some Project Office folks need to be reassigned to some base in the Aleutians ...