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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Back to the Books

With the acquisitions this year, it's time for a little reading review.

It's still in print.

Some of the stuff in the book is, 80 years later, rather cringe-worthy, such as this cross-draw police holster:

You should be able to read the text if you click on the photo.

McGivern was very much against the "Fitz Special" modification. He thought that the increased risk of an accidental discharge was not worth any speed increase. J.H. Fitzgerald also wrote a book on revolver shooting, which is out of print, but is in Kindle format. I might get that one.

A lot has changed about shooting in the last 80-90 years, but I'll bet that those old guys still have much to tteach us.

1 comment:

Tod Germanica said...

I can see the round butt, bobbed hammer and barrel, but the trigger guard has 'accidental discharge' written on it for actual use. Be quick for range shooting fun I suppose, always 'up' and 'downrange' until discharge of course. Amazing how fast and straight revolvers can be shot compared to even semiautos.