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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

I saw it this afternoon.

It could have been a good movie, if they had not let their taste for designing sets that are as subtle as using a 16lb maul to drive nails. A lot of doctoring could have easily cut 30 to 45 minutes from the movie without harming a hair on the story line.

For the sound alone, somebody should never work again. The sound levels went from "conversational" to "permanent ear damage". I keep a set of corded earplugs in my purse; I was popping them in and out all during the movie.

If you are going to see this one, I suggest that you see it in a manner where you have access to a fast-forward button.


M. Bouffant said...

For the sound alone, somebody should never work again. The sound levels went from "conversational" to "permanent ear damage".
This is about half of why I no longer see movies in the theater. It's bad enough watching at home, w/ the volume under my control.

Paul Wartenberg said...

The overbearing soundtrack did get distracting at times, and there were stretches of story that could have been edited for better pacing. The acting overall was very good, especially the actress who played Joi who did such an incredible job being *human* for a role that wasn't human, in a movie where we're forced to question what it *means* to be human.

deadstick said...

Agreed, eb and MB. I don't hear like I used to, but I still can't stand the crashing volume in any special-effects movie...even on TV I have to ride the volume control.

Sarah said...

I saw it in an imax theatre this weekend. The theatre was maybe 1/3 full early on a Saturday night. I think word is getting around about the pacing... For true fans of the cult original, this delivered with a "respectful" elegy. The sound was big, but appropriate for the theatre. (I've also been aurally pummeled in mall theaters for more explodey movies. Ear plugs are a great idea!)

The images were stunning, and worth the admission. Overall, a long meditative look at a 2049 I hope never comes. Bleak and 2:46 does not appeal to new fans. I'm glad I saw it. Ford didn't look to be phoning it it - he was actually trying to act, though he did get to act angry.

It's nice though, to see SF with big ideas instead of pure action movies. A good trend, with movies like "Arrival".
Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Comrade Misfit said...

If androids dream of electric sheep, what do iphones dream of?

3383 said...

iPhones never sleep.