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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Satire v. Reality in the Trumpist Age

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos offered a spirited defense of her boss’s intelligence on Friday, bluntly asking reporters, “Would a moron hire me?”

“My intelligence can be very intimidating,” DeVos said. “And if Donald Trump was a moron, he would not want to be around people who are intelligenter than him.”
It's getting harder to see the dividing line.


Stewart Dean said...

I dunno. Something darker is moving, more on the order of Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show, complete with the Carousel that can make you any age you please....the lie that you can return to a younger, better age

"The train itself appeared, link by link, engine, coal-car, and numerous and numbered all-asleep-and-slumbering-dream filled cars that followed the firefly-sparked chum, chant, drowsy autumn hearthfire roar. Hellfires flushed the stunned hills. Even at this remote view, one imagined men with buffalo-haunched arms shovelling black meteor falls of coal into the open boilers of the engine.
The engine!
Both boys vanished, came back to life binoculars.
'The engine!'
'Civil War! No other stack like that since 1900!'
'The rest of the train,
of it's old'
'The flags! The cages! It's the carnival!'

I would say to be afraid, but we already are, and with good reason


DTWND said...

Even though its satire, it seems to me that the statements could actually be made by DeVos. She has held herself in a higher esteem than those of us that are not as well off.


dinthebeast said...

One could almost make a similar argument that he has a certain amount of intelligence because he didn't hire her brother, were it not for her brother's well documented and scandalous involvement with the campaign, the transition, the goddamn Russians, and very nearly Afghanistan.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

Does that make tRump the intelligentest?

Neal Birch said...

So uneducated, they don't know how little they know.


Socrates, it was said by the oracle, was the wisest man. He didn't believe it because he knew how little he knew. "the wise man knows that he does not know. That the only wisdom for man is to know that he is without wisdom."

dinthebeast said...

OK, maybe I take that back. Word is the damn fool is gonna run for Barasso's seat. I guess he'll fit right in with Moore and Kid Rock.

-Doug in Oakland