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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

A 747, the Queen of the 20th Century Jet Age:

Orders keep dribbling in for new ones.


Stewart Dean said...

I wondered about the A380, of which you don't hear anything much any more...seems it's a declared turkey:
"While Airbus is focused on reducing its fixed costs, it will still struggle to break even building just 12 A380s per year. Recovering the type's massive development costs and the losses incurred on early production models is out of the question.'
"For the next few years, Airbus can break even (approximately) while delivering just 12 A380s a year, nearly all for Emirates. But Emirates has already started to ask for an upgraded model with new engines to improve fuel efficiency. Airbus can't afford to sink any more money into the A380 program unless the new model would be far more popular than the current version."
Interesting article...apparently the 747 is something of a turkey too. but the 777 and 787 are making much more sense.

hans said...

when NWA got their first few 747s they used to send 'em to Rochester, MN [90 miles S of MPLS] to do training / familiarization stuff... Touch n Go... had never seen one up close before and at RST the runway was only 100+ yards away... the 747s were empty and didn't have much fuel aboard and when they did hot TnGs you'd swear they were pulling up at 60 degrees... RST is mostly general aviation and a lot of pilots got some really uncomfortable experience with wake turbulence

B said...

And remember, this was supposed to be a freighter and replaced for passengers by the SST.