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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Quoted From Comments

BadTux's comment to a post yesterday is worthy of being restated:
Anyhow, one of the few things I admired about GWB was the fact that he wasn't a bigot and, in the aftermath of 9/11, came out hard against discrimination against Muslims. He appeared at Muslim community centers, he was photographed in the Oval Office flanked by Muslim leaders, etc., all giving the message, "Muslim-Americans are Americans too and violence against them is not acceptable." He was pretty relentless on that point. Compare the Orange Racist Russian Stooge's message towards Muslims. Or towards Jews, for that matter -- dozens of Jewish community centers have received bomb threats since His Fraudulency Donald the Trump was elected by a minority of the people. And Deadbeat Donnie's response is.... [crickets].


dinthebeast said...

Whether or not you think our strategy against terrorists is good, and I've read active duty soldiers who think counterinsurgency is a crock, (but I'm not one myself so I can't really say), Donald Trump is definitely screwing it up:


-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping Donald wasn't a filthy muzzie sympathizer like that "Hawaiian" we had.