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Friday, February 17, 2017

More on Trump's Border Order

The memo is the biggest piece of governmental shit that I've read since Bush's first order establishing Kangaroo Courts in 2001.

Read the memo. On page three, Trump has ordered the heads of all government departments to identify all sources of aid, direct and indirect, to the government of Mexico, and to report those amounts for the last five years. You can speculate on a benign motive for that (if you're a Republican).

Section D, beginning on page 3: "Expansion of the 287(g) program to include the State Guard." That means sending out the National Guard as immigration cops. This is aimed at states bordering Mexico and those states bordering states bordering Mexico. That is: California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. The total is over 100,000, if all were called up.

The order also bypasses the immigration goons to bypass any pesky legal requirements for hearing and dump anyone who arrived via Mexico back into Mexico "pending the outcome of removal hearings". (page 7) If that's not a fucking joke, it's about as Kafkaesque as it gets, for you tell me how any such hearing would be held.

And yes, the order calls for the building of what essentially are concentration camps. (Page 8, Section J)

At this point, between Trump's authoritarian tendencies and his bromance with Putin, I have to wonder if an old term should be applied to Trump's base. The word I'm thinking of is "Quislings".

Also, this as to why this idea even came up.

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