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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rotting in the Fields

As President* Trump (der Lügenführer) embarks on his crusade to deport millions of undocumented aliens, be prepared to pay a shitload more money for your fresh fruits and vegetables. For BadTux points out that the farmworker visa program will be of no help to California farmers. There aren't exactly a shitload of Millennials eager to leave their homes for the adventure of being a migrant farmworker.

(Also, being here without proper documentation is not a crime.)

You might want to read the memos for yourself. Going to be interesting to see how Customs can hire 10,000 new agents "expeditiously" without running afoul of the same issues that plagued the Border Patrol back when they tried to rapidly expand during Bush-II's tenure.

Why the implementation memo requires the heads of all executive departments to "identify and quantify all sources of direct and indirect Federal aid to the Government of Mexico" (implementation memo, section C, page 4) is a question nobody seems to be asking.

Basically, all of the shit in the original memo, which the Trump Administration denied (and which the Trumpanzees claimed was a "troll job") is contained in the two new memos.

If you are Hispanic, it would behoove you to always have proof of citizenship or legal residency on your person at all times. And yes, in certain areas of the country, this also applies to the Irish. You could end up being quickly dumped over the border into a makeshift and squalid refugee camp in northern Mexico (implementation memo, section H, page 7).[1] Everyone seems to be focusing on undocumented Hispanics in the U.S., but while they are a majority of the undocumented, there are undocumented aliens from all over the globe.
[1] Presumably, the refugee camps in southern Canada will be a bit nicer than the ones in Mexico.


bearsense said...

Just imagine what and who) will be recruited during the rush to acheive this "expanded" force. Probably will resemble the TSA with guns, eh?

Comrade Misfit said...

FLETC claims a throughput of 70,000 students per year.


3383 said...

If produce and such really is affected, it will expose some hypocrisy on the (generally) Republicans' part.

Which is why I am confident this will remain unchanged. It is easier to bitch than to solve.

Stewart Dean said...

If WaPo numbers are right and I'm shifting the decimal point correctly, 1 out of every 100 native Irish citizens are illegal aliens in America!

Anonymous said...

No problem, John Deere and company have the answer.



dinthebeast said...

So what happened to his government hiring freeze?

-Doug in Oakland

Doug T. said...

I've always thought that being an undocumented alien was not illegal, in these of violating a law that imposes that status. Thank you for sharing this.