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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Go Away Kid, You're Bothering Me

Digitally downloaded:

The paper copy should be delivered today, but as it's less than a buck extra to also get the Kindle copy, I buy both. (I advanced-purchased the book nine months ago.)

My copy of Lines of Departure has disappeared, so some day, I'll have to replace it. It's on my Kindle, so I'm trying to resist that urge.


Paul Wartenberg said...

As a librarian, I do encourage you to check your public library for a copy of Lines of Departure.

Comrade Misfit said...

As somebody who's noodled around with writing, I'd encourage everyone to buy Marko's stuff.

CenterPuke88 said...

How about splitting the difference and buying a Library Bound Hardcover edition and donating it to your public library!

BadTux said...

CP88, my local public library has limited space for books (as in, they're stuffed to the gills with books), and adds new books only by selling off old books that haven't circulated in a while via the Friends of the Library. So checking out an older book that hasn't circulated in a while is a good way to keep that book in the library, if you think it really should be in the library. And donating a new book only results in that book making it to the shelf if it was only on a list of "books we should have on our shelf", for that same reason -- lack of shelf space. If someone lost or stole the old copy of the book, it'll make it to the shelf. Otherwise... not likely, unless it's a new book that's on their "purchase this" list. It'll otherwise go to the Friends of the Library to be sold in their book shop or in their annual book sale.

deadstick said...

Good one.