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Friday, February 24, 2017

CPAC Got Ratfucked?

A prankster passed out small Russian flags emblazoned with President Trump’s name to attendees at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference — where Trump supporters blindly waved the banners during his Friday morning speech until they were confiscated, according to online reports.

Photos posted on Twitter show people in the crowd holding the flags and a stern-faced young man with a lanyard around his neck as he scanned the audience while holding a bunch in his hands.


D. said...


Because how would they have known?

dinthebeast said...

No word on whether China will print up a bunch of Confederate flags with Putin's name printed on them for his big confab.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

I find that hilarious.

3383 said...

Are these idiots who like Russia, or idiots who don't recognize the Russian flag?

w3ski said...

I am so thrilled at this act of Resistance. Someone with intelligence, thought this up and executed it perfectly.
No wonder the 'tRumpateers" want to curtail all education so much.
Education leads to Resistance!
More Please?

Anonymous said...

Well of course they were confiscated. The official Trump flags also have little Swastikas on them.