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"Never Feel Sorry For Anyone Who Owns an Airplane."-- Tina Marie

If Something Seems To Be Too Good To Be True, It's Best To Shoot It, Just In Case." -- Fiona Glenanne

Flying the Airplane is More Important than Radioing Your Plight to a Person on the Ground
Who is Incapable of Understanding or Doing Anything About It.
" -- Unknown

"There seems to be almost no problem that Congress cannot, by diligent efforts and careful legislative drafting, make ten times worse." -- Me

"What the hell is an `Aluminum Falcon'?" -- Emperor Palpatine

"Eck!" -- George the Cat

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Chip loves the cat-levels thing I bought for him.

A few days ago (from when I wrote this), Chip woke me up in the middle of the night because, reasons, I guess. He was kneading on me and purring. I almost said: "Chip, I need to get some sleep." But then it hit me that I had said the same thing to Gracie on the night of February 19/20th, five years ago. What I didn't know, then, was that she would be diagnosed with jaw cancer roughly six hours and she would be gone.

I had no way of knowing that, of course, but that I didn't wake up and give her my full attention still does not sit well with me.

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