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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Old and Fat Draft-Dodger Insults American Soldiers, Probably to Get Everyone From Talking About His Putin Problem

Outside of snidely slamming American soldiers, Trumps whining about "we never win" revises Republican theology about the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

Still, Trump had five deferments. His sons have never served. His father didn't serve (and was alleged to be a wartime profiteer). His grandfather emigrated to America to avoid being drafted into the German army in the 19th Century. As far as I know, Trump has never done anything in his life that is more physically challenging or dangerous than playing golf.

He's got a lot of goddamned gall to so insult those serving.

Which may mean that there's something more coming out about his interlacing with Putin.

(By the way, wasn't there supposed to be some big-ass pro-Trump rallies yesterday?)


w3ski said...

Grrr. I am not a Veteran, but I am the Son of a Proud Veteran, and I am friend to a few others as well.
This 'resident' is an abomination to the Fighting Men of a proud Country.
Not just him being a draft dodger but to disrespect our Military like that is an Abomination to what We Are.
How long can this Weasel remain in power and say stuff like that?
Maybe I don't even have to right to be angry, not having served myself, but I am Angry.

dinthebeast said...

"By the way, wasn't there supposed to be some big-ass pro-Trump rallies yesterday?"

Indeed there were, and literally hundreds of people showed up.

When Trump tweeted that there should be a pro-Trump rally, and that it would be the largest rally ever, Bernie Sanders tweeted back "There was, it wasn't" with pictures of the inauguration crowds from this year and 2009.

-Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

Green Eagle has a link about the poor Pro-Trump turnout.


Cameron said...

As a former member of the USAF and Vietnam veteran who saw major action during the Tet offensive, my heart and respect goes out to all active and retired military members. There is no way to apologize for or explain the President's behavior and disrespectful comments.

I don't have many hot buttons, but this is one of them; do not ever use veterans or the military as a scapegoat. It happened in his appearance before congress last night and when he blamed military leadership for the Yemen raid failure.

The President is unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions. Time to impeach or for the VP to declare him incompetent. Repeal and Replace Trump.