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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Seen, Finally-- Gunnie Ed.

a Kimber K6, or whatever the hell they call it:

$899.99, which is pretty goddamn steep.

I also saw a Remington R51 in a display case. It was priced at $359.99, if my memory serves me correctly. I would presume that it is one of the new models.

I haven't seen one of the GP-100-.44s yet. But if the stuff I've been reading on the gun forums is anywhere near close to accurate, it seems that Ruger almost screwed the pooch as badly with this gun as did Remington on the R51. A fair number have been sent back for loose front sights and inconsistent as well as oversized cylinder throats.

Sending out guns that essentially turn paid customers into beta testers is a very bad idea. I hope Colt doesn't do the same with their new snubbie, For that would only cement my curmudgeonly inclination to never buy a gun until a few year's worth of production guns are out in the field.

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w3ski said...

You would think, but no! I bought a New S&W 66-4, about 1980 something. It never seemed to shoot right for me. I had owned a number of 6 inch S&W .357s by then and thought the 4" was a lighter tradeoff. I saw a piece missing from the casting inside the side cover and 'supposedly' sent it in for magnafluxing, not sure if the smith did as I asked or not. It was supposedly OK, and I had an action job done on it at that time. It still never would group worth a damn. I sold it to a coworker and bought another new 66-6. That revolver shoots cloverleafs with a +p that the 4 inch spit like flem.
Maybe I lost confidence at first but I did put a lot of lead thru that 4 inch after that, before I gave up. And then, the same load in the 6, was hole on hole.
Sometimes they really let you down out of the box.
I have enough toys now, and all of them have proved themselves to be accurate or been traded off. Not going to go thu that anymore.