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Friday, June 4, 2010

Property Rights Are Sacred to Libertarians, But Only When It Is Their Property Rights

Which is why Rand Paul's campaign is willfully violating the copyrights of the band Rush.

Ah, the utter selfishness of libertarians: "Nobody else's rights matter, only mine, mine, mine!"


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smellsofbikes said...

It's not just libertarians: McCain settled two different infringement suits during his campaign, most famously when he ripped off "Running On Empty". Then, in what I thought was a brilliant show of self-interest, he proposed a law to exempt politicians running campaigns from copyright infringement charges.

The underlying issue here is that most artists are Democrats, since the Republicans have been frothing at the mouth for years to slice the National Endowment For The Arts into nothingness and ban all that satanic Rock And Roll Music, so Barbara Boxer can ask Jackson Browne if she can use one of his songs and he'll say sure and then write another just for her, whereas McCain can't get rights to a song unless he pays a zillion dollars to EMI to get something they managed to get an artist to sign over to them in promise for future fame.