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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Prop Noise

Grumman S-2 doing a demo firefighting drop:


Tod Germanica said...

Very cool. These are the mainstay of Cal Fire fire response out of the McClelland Field reload base near me but I seldom see them sporting the reciprocating engine these days. You sure do not want to sneeze on one of those low passes.

Old NFO said...

They're good birds! We had them at NAS Glynco, and used them to fly patterns for the Air Controller school house. Got a few hours in them (and they are NOISY inside too), but those 1820s will run all day!

w3ski said...

Do the water bombers use some kind of sight to put the load on target? Or is it just a seat of the pants kind of drop? Maybe the old magic marker on the cockpit window?
Also curious about the spray at the aircraft tail. Water I presume, but how much volume is that? They could seriously deplete the load if they had to fly far like that.
I live in Ca. and those birds are our Salvation come fire season. Never enough to go around.